There are occasions when a patient’s treatment or progress has reached a point at which an objective assessment is indicated in order to determine continuity of care.

Independent medical examinations (IME’s) are performed by a physician not involved in the care of an injured worker or accident victim. These examinations are conducted to clarify and confirm clinical and / or case issues.

In Pennsylvania, impairment rating evaluations (IRE’s) are performed after an injured worker has reached 104 weeks of total disability, or when the injury has reached a state that is deemed to be permanent and static.

In these cases, impairment is differentiated from disability.

Impairment is the term for the actual medical illness or injury; disability is the term for the functional decline occurring as a result of the illness or injury.

Engaging with a physician who is able to differentiate between “impairment” and “disability” can be significant for a patient whose condition requires more careful analysis.


Certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME), Dr. Epstein demonstrates the conduct, knowledge, skills and performance that exemplify the highest professional standards among independent medical examiners.

Dr. Epstein performs examinations for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’/ Bureau of Workman’s Compensation.

Dr. Epstein is accepted as an expert by both plaintiff and defense attorneys.

All reports from Wayne Physiatry, regardless of whether Dr. Epstein is serving as the treating physician or the independent medical evaluator, state opinions with a reasonable degree of medical certainty.

Dr. Epstein’s opinions are clear, explicit, and confidently stated.  His reasoning in a medicolegal case is sound and clearly documented through his reports and opinion letters. His documentation contains all of the opinions he expects to express at deposition or trial.

For further information about utilizing Dr. Epstein for IME’s (plaintiff or defense) or IRE’s, please contact our office or email us.

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