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Comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation is a personalized program designed for people who are in need of medical and/or rehabilitation care which can best be delivered in a hospital setting. Comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation has one goal: maximizing an individual’s recovery in order to help insure a safe return to a home setting.

Patients in Wayne, Pike and Lackawanna counties who are referred to the care of the Good Shepherd-Wayne Memorial Inpatient Rehabilitation Center are pre- evaluated by Dr. Epstein via either an in-house or case review consultation in order to determine the appropriate diagnosis and rehab treatment plan.

Among the most common conditions that benefit from inpatient rehabilitation are: stroke, amputation, neurological conditions, and hip fractures. Additionally, many other conditions may qualify for rehab unit admission.

Following admission to the Good Shepherd-Wayne Memorial rehab unit, Dr. Epstein oversees both the medical component of the patienta’s treatment plan, and the prescription of therapeutic modalities. He leads the interdisciplinary team that includes physical, occupational, and speech therapists; nursing care; social worker input; and nutritional support.

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Patient and physician share a common goal: return to optimal function, productivity and wellness.

Reaching that state following illness or injury is not a linear process…every patient follows a different route and every patient’s personal success can be maximized by having a trained team, under the direction of a skilled physiatrist, deliver treatment designed to help achieve functional improvement.

Patient’s improvement is measured with standardized assessment benchmarks and the patient …including his family…is provided with both education and training needed in order to prepare for a successful discharge from the rehab unit.

If you think that you or a family member may be a candidate for an inpatient rehab unit stay, whether that is due to a current hospitalization or a functional decline while still at home, please contact the nurse liaison from the Good Shepherd- Wayne Memorial Inpatient Rehabilitation Center at 570-253-8728.